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If You Could Design iPhone 7, What Would It Look Like?

This March, instead of flowers and chocolates, many women with a soft spot for mobile technology will hope for a brand new iPhone. We know that the 5se will launch on the 18th, but a new concept by designer Sonitdac might make girls dream of a widescreen device instead.

Sonitdac presented his idea of the ideal, next iPhone in a video watched by more than 136.180 YouTube users until now. He suggests a handset inspired by the iPhone 6, with a flexible display that can expand horizontally or not, with the push of a single button on the upper end of the smartphone. A pair of carbon fiber arms would make the body foldable. Of course, it looks doable to the untrained eye but it would be an actual engineering feat.

In his design, the volume buttons would shift to the sides, which would then imply a curvy display, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. At the end of the video, Sonitdac goes as far as disassembling the phone, in order to show the internal structure.

What would the smartphone of your dreams look like?


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