Play Pass, Google's Answer to Apple Arcade, Coming Soon

Play Pass, Google’s Answer to Apple Arcade, Coming Soon

Surprise, surprise – just in time for Apple’s Keynote, Google teased that they will also be launching a new subscription service pretty soon, called Play Pass.

On the day Apple held its annual September event, Google announced via Twitter that they were preparing something for their Android users. Namely, a service called Play Pass.

This isn’t exactly a shock, since there were rumors that the company would launch its own $5 service in Q4 2019, but it’s still nice to have the confirmation. There aren’t many official details at this point; unofficially, we can tell you it will offer access to new premium apps – not just gaming ones, by the way – at the same price as Apple Arcade.

All of them will be add-free and the normal in-app purchases won’t bother you anymore.

When will it be announced? Probably next month, at the same time as the Pixel 4 shows up.

By then, Apple Arcade will be up and running. Apple said the gaming subscription service will open its doors on September 19th. The first month will be free for iOS users in over 150 countries. According to the iPhone maker, Apple Arcade will not be just a suite of gaming apps, but will also contain guides, suggestions and sneek peeks.

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