PlayStation Patent Points to Automatic User Authentication

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A patent approved last week may point to an interesting feature coming the the DualSense controller: automatic authentication.

According to a report by Video Games Chronicle, a PlayStation controller will be able to determine who is using the controller based on certain sensors. After identifying the user, there will be a prompt asking for validation. The player can accept or reject this user profile.

This automatic authentication works through a system of sensors like a gyroscope and accelerometer. By analyzing how individuals hold their controllers differently (think orientation, or if you have a preference to holding the controller more firmly in one hand, etc.), these sensors can then calculate with some degree of confidence who is using the controller.

Sony has been hyping up the DualSense controller and its haptic features since the controller was announced. While the haptic feedback certainly adds a new layer of immersion in gameplay, this authentication method doesn’t seem like it would add much to how one plays the game. Instead, it would be more of a convenient way to keep accounts, trophies, and more separate from anyone using or sharing the console. This could also make it easier to keep preferences adjusted to the user, as accounts are linked to user preferences.

It should be noted that many patents are filed without the product itself actualizing. While this patent does seem to indicate that this feature could work on current PlayStation 4 peripheries like the DualShock controller or the PlayStation VR Headset, it may never actually be implemented.

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