Poco X3 Review: It’s About $300 But Tries To Do It All

What can you get in a $300 smartphone in 2020? If you go for the Poco X3, the answer is “everything”. Or mostly everything! 

You have a 120 HZ screen and a 64 MP camera as the highlights. Then there’s an impressive 2-day battery And goodies like IR blaster, self-cleaning speakers, Liquid Cool for gaming… and the list goes on.

Xiaomi’s latest phone is cheap but manages to include most, if not all of what’s hot this year. 

The result? Es un poco gordo, to be honest.

That’s our way of gently saying the Poco X3 is quite a bulky, heavy phone, coming in at 215 g thanks to its massive, 5,160 miliamp hours battery.

The battery is one of the first things we noticed – and it would have been impossible not to.

We received the phone from Xiaomi Romania covered in a protective wrapping. On that plastic wrap, the company spelled out what to expect. They

Right off the bat, Xiaomi wanted to highlight NFC, putting it right next to the logo on the wrap. 

Thankfully, it’s not also on the back of the phone itself,because there’s a pretty big logo there. 

That’s is a pity since we really liked the blue finish on the plastic back panel… and the way it catches the light. It would have looked a lot nicer with a more discreet logo. 

Still, while the overall look of the phone is nothing out of the ordinary and betrays the price tag, the Poco X3 truly shines thanks to its display. 

It’s a 6.67-inch FHD+ DotDisplay. 

As you know, a 120Hz display used to be a flagship feature but Poco really wanted to offer users a smooth browsing experience, even at a quarter of the price. 

And we’re happy with what we got and you probably will too. 

You won’t get the blackest black, since it’s not AMOLED, but it feels premium enough.

After handling the phone for a few days, we were also impressed with battery performance. We managed to squeeze 2.5 days of battery life without sacrificing anything.

Check out our video review to see exactly how we tested Poco X3, what the 64MP camera captures and how the new Snapdragon 732 CPU handles day to day tasks and gaming.

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