Pokémon Sleep App Coming to Possibly Turn You Into Snorlax

Pokémon Sleep App Coming to Possibly Turn You Into Snorlax

pokemon snorlax pokemon sleep app
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It’s been a few years since hordes of teenagers took to the streets with Pokémon Go on their phone, and the Pokémon Company is looking for ways to recreate that cultural phenomenon.

Their newest idea? Pokémon Sleep, an app that aims to turn you into a Snorlax.

Well, not really, but it does want to “turn sleeping into entertainment,” according to a Pokémon company statement.

The company is playing its next ace close to the chase and didn’t really detail what Pokémon Sleep would do. We do know that the Pokémon Sleep app will track its players’ sleep routines and will use the amount of time they sleep and when they wake up as a game mechanic. Pokémon Sleep also seems to feature a sleep tracking bracelet or another external gadget that will ship with the app and send that sleep data to the player’s smartphone.

In other Pokémon news, the Pokémon Company also said it’s working to release an “enhanced version” of Pokémon Quest as its first mobile game for China. There, Pokémon Quest already has 1.7 million player sign-ups since early May.

With all these games and Detective Pikachu the movie and its accompanying Detective Pikachu Nintendo Switch game, it truly feels like the early 90s, doesn’t it?

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