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Polaroid Originals Is Back At It With New Retro Camera

Credit: Polaroid


The Impossible Project was founded some ten years ago, by a group of Polaroid enthusiasts, in order to keep their beloved form of photography still alive, after Polaroid announced they will be shutting down the film factory.

The Impossible Project focused on making the film but in 2017 they released the first Polaroid Original brand, the OneStep2. This year, they have returned with the OneStep +, in an attempt to keep the camera relevant in a digital world.

The new OneStep+ camera uses the company’s i-Type film but this time the camera can be paired up with a smartphone via Bluetooth. That means you can use the app to take pictures remotely, as well as get access to a handful of different modes like a light-painting one that will add more color to your photos.

The camera comes with two lenses, for portrait and landscape, and they can be switched by using a toggle located on top of the camera. On the back, there is an on/off button and a microUSB slot for charging.

Credit: Polaroid Originals / YouTube 

The app has a scanner that uses the phone’s camera to help the user upload the best digital copy of the analog photo. The app also creates a gallery of the photos on the phone. Since only one person gets to keep the Polaroid print, it’s not a bad idea to have a digital copy on hand.

The camera looks similar to the OneStep2, with the only differences being the black body that sports a rainbow stripe and the Bluetooth button that rests next to the flash.

The OneSTep+ is shipping for just $160 but keep in mind that they i-Type cartridge not only costs $16, but it also contains just eight shots, so it might all turn out more expensive than you intended, if you are like me, and take pictures of everything.

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