Finally, You Can Post Old Photos As Instagram Stories

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Users took a while to warm up to Instagram Stories, but once they did, there was no turning back. Silly, funny, daily moments ended up in the upper half of the app where followers could decide to watch or ignore them. The expiry time was an added perk, encouraging people to post more bold content that would otherwise conflict with the curated one from their account.

Still, the fact that media older than 1 day couldn’t be uploaded as an #instastory annoyed many (me, included) so it was a relief when the company announced that the app was going to ditch that limit from this week forward #mobilemagic

Instagram is finally allowing users to post media older than 24 hours as a Story. Until now, you could only upload an image or clip from the camera roll taken in the previous day. That was a huge restriction, especially when you had a collection of photos that deserved sharing but didn’t match your account theme. Or when it took more time than expected to edit them after shooting.

Now, you have the same freedom with Insta Stories as you have with normal posts in the app. Also, there’s an optional date sticker for the posts where you want to highlight the time that has passed since you captured the image.

If you don’t see the changes yet, simply update the app. Both Android and iOS users should see it in action any moment now.

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