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Productivity Killer App Combines YouTube Video Watching With Multi-Tasking


At first, Flytube seems like God’s gift to us, mortals who have to commute each day to work. It might even set the mood for the day, fooling you into thinking that e-mails and movie trailers go hand in hand. Then, you realize the truth: instead of making multi-tasking fun, it’s a productivity nightmare #mobilemagic

Flytube allows you to watch YouTube videos in pop-up windows that can be moved anywhere on the screen. Some might say this is the key to multi-tasking. To me, it’s pretty distracting. Imagine you have to respond to a couple of e-mails urgently, yet a new music video from your favorite band has just launched. You can fool yourself you can do both but truth is… you’ll be so caught up in the action, you’ll forget all about the replies. Hit play a couple more times and multi-tasking will prove impossible.

As tempting as it is to listen to favorite music or YouTube channel while you check your Facebook or make a to-do list, Flytube doesn’t seem to be the answer. Instead of being the solution, it becomes the problem.

Once installed, Flytube takes control over YouTube clips so that every time you open one, you can see it as a tiny window in a corner. The only time it won’t work is if you have a locked or turned off screen. 

What do you think – could you work with YouTube clips running in the foreground?


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