PS5 Leak: See the Next Gen PlayStation Console Developers Are Already Playing With

playstation 5 render letsgodigital ps5 dev kit leak

The PlayStation 5 is definitely the most anticipated games console but so far details have been slim. 

However, game developers are already playing with the PS5, whose design just leaked.

This first major PS5 leak shows a PS5 dev kit from all angles, as the actual photo that just showed up on Twitter was quickly used by LetsGoDigital to create some renders.

The same publication recently spotted a Sony patent for a V-design console and created renders that look remarkably similar to this PS5 dev kit photo circulating on Twitter.

Now, with an actual image to go on, LetsGoDigital created a video render of the PS5 dev kit which lets you see exactly what game developers are working with.

Of course, a console dev kit almost never resembles the final consumer product.

Since this is just a case that houses the important tech to let developers start building next-gen games, you shouldn’t worry about the looks of the PS5.

The real life PlayStation 5 will probably look nothing like the PS5 dev kit but it’s still interesting to see previous models.

Last we heard about the final, consumer version of the PS5, Wired was reporting that it will support 8K graphics, 3D audio, SSDs, even backward compatibility with PlayStation 4 games.

With that in mind, the wait seems that much harder. 

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