Qualcomm to Receive $4.5 Billion After Patent Settlement

qualcomm snapdragon chip

For the past few years, Apple and Qualcomm had been in a really bad patent dispute, but the time for reconciliation has come. Qualcomm has just revealed in its Q2 earnings the amount of money they will get from the settlement agreement, an astounding $4.5 billion!

It all started when Apple sued Qualcomm claiming unfair patent licensing practices and got worse when Qualcomm filed a countersuit for $7billion.

Then, the American semiconductor company decided to interrupt the supply of chipsets for iPhones. The legal battle was won by Qualcomm, who got out with a six-year licensing deal, and a chip supply agreement among lots of money.

Besides the $4.5 billion agreement, Qualcomm will earn extra money from Apple in the years to come; those will come in the form of royalties from the sale of future devices with their chips on them.

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