Race Car Designer Creates Modular and Lightweight Chassis System

Credit: iStream

Gordon Murray is a legend not only for being a successful race car designer but also for being one of those who worked on the McLaren F1, the car that ‘redefined what was possible in a road car.’

After having been involved in the automotive industry for decades, Gordon Murray, who is 72 years old, is still keeping insanely busy, to say the least – he founded the Gordon Murray Design and the Gordon Murray Automotive, where he developed a new way of building cars.

The technology promises to be lighter, stronger and safer and he has dubbed it iStream. The technology replaced the stamped metal with thin-wall aluminium tubular frames to begin with and then they were combined with recycled carbon-composite panels, which resulted in a 50% weight loss for the entire structure. This is Formula 1 technology, guys.

Credit: MDx Media / YouTube 

The iStream has a modular architecture that can suit any type of car and, in order to save even more weight, the seats are made out of recycled carbon fiber composite and a tubular frame, which gets them to weigh as much as 30% less than your usual car seat.

The TVR Griffith is the first car that will take advantage of the iStream, due to be produced in 2019 but don’t worry, the system is not intended only for high-end, expensive cars – the iStream Superlight and the basic iStream is something the company wants to see as a mass-market replacement for the traditional car construction altogether.

The iStream Superlight body is currently being displayed at the Low Carbon Vehicle show in Millbrook, Bedfordshire.

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