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Rakes And Water Guns Reveal Digital Pictures In Canon AR Future

Canon’s army of lenses and cameras weren’t the only thing visitors talked about at Photokina. The company also presented their idea of the future, when it comes to interacting with photos. Instead of printing digital pictures to make albums and thus, bringing them to the real world, Canon proposed an AR platform where the back-and-forth between worlds is seamless #realitymagic

The Canon concept platform will allow you to create interactive albums. You would simply take one with blank pages and arrange digital images on it before printing them (Canon also brought the PIXMA home printer series to exemplify). The platform could also help you to see how a digital image fits a real frame best, by cropping and juxtaposing it through touch.

Another way to make use of the augmented reality platform is to put a real photo at the center and see the identity of the photographer, the subject, location, date and camera information. Not just useful but incredibly simple, with every function being triggered by your touch. Oh, and if you want to show your wife or kids the benefits of investing in such a technology, simply take a rake or water gun with you.

By using them as you would at a pool or beach party, you can reveal pictures! Yes, it would get old after a while, but this is after all a fun concept of AR, not a life-saving one.

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