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Razer Anzu Audio Smart Glasses Also Promise to Help Fight Blue Light Eye-strain

Razer is the latest company to jump onto the audio glasses trend but they’re more focused on helping you stay productive. Their response to gadgets like the Bose Frames are the Razer Anzu.

Razer Anzu looks like a pair of regular glasses but each arm is a wireless speaker with 16 mm drivers.

They come with touch controls, the voice assistants you’d expect and have IPX4 water resistance, so a bit of rain won’t ruin them.

As for the battery life, the Razer Anzu comes with around 5 hours but, if you fold them, they automatically enter standby mode. That extends battery life to about 14 days.

If the speakers aren’t enough to convince you to pick up a pair, this might.

The Razer Anzu comes with blue-light lenses pre-installed, so they’re great for when you’re working from home all day glued to the screen, and also a pair of UV Polarized lenses.

Razer will also partner up with Lensabl to allow you to switch those lenses with prescription ones with a 15% discount.

The Razer Anzu is already available on razerstore.com, in round and rectangular options. They’re also found in Best Buy in the US and Canada.

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Razer Anzu Audio Smart Glasses Also Promise to Help Fight Blue Light Eye-strain

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