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Razer Might Finally Bring the Gadget Fans Have Been Waiting For

Photo source: Facebook

Grab your toast and some butter. It could be happening!

Razer had teased us enough, precisely for years, and now is time for facts. The company could finally give their fans the gadget they have been waiting for, the Razer Toaster.

Photo source: Facebook

The hot gadget has been on everybody’s lips since 2013. It all happened back when a determined user set up a Facebook page called ‘Give us the Razer Toaster.’

In time, the page gathered about 44,000 likes and people even got tattoos with the awaited Razer Toaster. So it was about time that Razer CEO and co-founder Min-Liang Tan turned people’s wishes into a product. He made a promise to hire the best engineers and designers in order to create a unique toaster.

Now that the green light was given, we just have to wait and see how serious the CEO was about the whole thing…

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