Meet SPRY, the Drone That Captures 4K Videos Underwater

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Swellpro start-up came up with an amazing project, a waterproof drone that is able to capture water sports in 4K. SPRY can fly, float and follow adventurers into the water.

Once there, the device will start capturing amazing 4K videos underwater.

For low turbulence, SPRY has a streamlined design and specially coated motors and is made to survive the all the marine action.

Waterproof and buoyant, the device features a ventilating hatch that helps with the airflow and doesn’t allow water infiltration. The water is also prevented from entering when the lid is opened thanks to its smart design. SPRY is kept cool through an array of aluminum heatsinks which helps to dissipate heat outside the sealed frame.

Due to the high-thrust motors and high-power, the drone can reach 70 km/h in manual mode.

SPRY is sealed inside a watertight optically-engineered polycarbonate dome which protects it from the sun.

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The camera features a Sony 1/2.3” CMOS sensor paired with a lens that can minimize fisheye distortion. SPRY can shoot at 30 frames per second and has the ability to capture 12MP images.

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