Ready to Meet Samsung's Phone of the Future?

Ready to Meet Samsung’s Phone of the Future?

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Lately, designers seem to have quite a curve obsession when creating smartphone concepts. Recently, Samsung’s team have designed a phone that looks very futuristic and reminds us of a missing liquid metal piece from a Terminator T-1000.

Renders illustrate that both display glass and the metal back of the smartphone are long smooth curved surfaces. As we’ve learned, Samsung took curved-edge displays to a whole new level with the Galaxy S6 Edge, but it had been more gentle with curves in the Galaxy S10.

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The “Electronic device with full display” patent was found at the end of 2018 by Let’s Go Digital and was published last week. It’s easy to notice the twist on the edge design in this patent and hard not to admire it. The design feels futuristic and the curves are so smooth and lean and really please the eyes.

Looking at this patent, other Galaxy curved phones almost look rudimentary. This one feels natural and very ergonomic. Its curves are the highlight of the phone’s design which helps create the feeling of a continuous smooth exterior.

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Also, the smooth device features an under-display fingerprint reader and a selfie camera module embedded in the design, perpendicular to the user’s face.

The very seamless aesthetic gives an almost freeing feeling, of a new era filled with possibilities.

How do you feel about it?

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