New Pinterest Tool Will Recommend You Products Based On Your Searches


Pinterest’s first foray into e-commerce was “Shop the Look“, a tool that allowed the users to purchase a product they saw in an image directly from the platform.

The tool was introduced in 2017 and, with roughly around 250 million monthly active users on the platform, a solid number of brands have had the opportunity to make themselves visible and grow. 

It looks like the concept fared good enough for Pinterest to warrant creating a new, e-commerce oriented tool that will act more or less like an extension to “Shop The Look“: this one is called “Complete the Look” and it will recommend new products to the users, based on the ones they have already searched for. 

Complete the Look” is a novel approach to performing visual complements in a way that leverages rich context from scene images to provide highly personalized recommendations.” Erik Kim and Eileen Li, who work for the Pinterest Visual Search team have said. “This project is one of the many exciting problems in the visual search space that the Visual Search team is working on at Pinterest. We’ll continue working on ways to power recommendations across Pinterest using the latest in visual search technology.”

The feature will recommend Fashion and Home Décor items and will take into consideration a number of factors before delivering the recommendations to the users: “Complete the Look takes context like an outfit, body type, season, indoors vs. outdoors, various pieces of furniture, and the overall aesthetics of a room to power taste-based recommendations across visual search technology.” 

The generated products are visually similar to the other items in the photo in terms of both color and style. 

Pinterest provided an example of how the tool works by using a Pin featuring a living room. “Complete the Look” analyzed it and recommended objects that not only matched the scene (such as lamps, pillows and tables) but also the user’s tastes, based on their previous searches (such as ‘minimalist’ or ‘boho’). 

For a fashion street style pin that featured a beach scene, the tool can “pull out the products, recognize the environmental context and give recommendations for how to complete the outfit with a hat, sandals and sunglasses based on products in other similar scenes.”

According to Pinterest, around 83% of fashion Pinners have actually made purchases based on the content they have seen across the platform. Meanwhile, 78% of the Pinners who were interested in home décor have done so while only 49% of them used Pinterest in store as they were shopping for their home products. 

For now, “Complete The Look” is still undergoing internal testing but will most likely become available to Pinterest users quite soon. 

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