MWC 2017: 6 Reasons Why You’d Buy The Revamped Nokia 3310 Now

nokia 3310

It’s been 17 years since Nokia launched the classic to trump all classics, the brick phone to end all featured phones, the unforgettable Nokia 3310. Remember the joy you felt when you used to send text messages as long as 459 characters? A rarity in those days, by the way. Or when you played Snake furiously, kept track of work with reminders and made use of the calculator? How about the time when you needn’t take a charger with you every single day? HMD Global decided to keep those memories alive by revamping the feature phone for MWC 2017 #mobilemagic

The new Nokia 3310 is aesthetically more pleasing, with four striking color variants (bright yellow, warm red, especially so) and curvier sides, in tone with this decade’s design trends. The changes and design can be seen at screen level too, where there’s a 2.4″ polarized display that allows better view of functions like calls, messaging, camera, photo gallery and more.

Nokia 3310 looks mighty cute but we all know that’s not enough to want to buy a phone, even if it’s going to retail for €49 ($52) in the second quarter of the year. So, what could make the Nokia 3310 irresistible for someone like you, invested in smartphones?

1.It won’t die in the middle of a long conversation. If battery life is a priority for you, even more than camera features or water resistance, then Nokia 3310 is your phone. This little guy can “take” up to 22 hours talk time and 744 hours (nearly a month) on stand-by. If you need it for long-distance, frequent calls or if you do more business at the phone than on the e-mail, then a durable phone is more practical than a smartphone.

nokia 3310 hands on

2.It’s perfect for a case of JOMO (joy of missing out, the opposite of FOMO). Maybe you’ve just returned from a trip to Bali where meditation, balance and inner tranquility replaced the anxiety of e-mails or the need of stalking people on Facebook. Now, you love staying away from social media, navigating the Internet only from your desktop for work and tech news (ahem). Why would you need a temptation like a lightning fast, camera-centric smartphone when you’re disconnected from this virtual world? A budget mobile that keeps your real social life in check should be enough. Plus, the 2 MP camera with LED flash can’t help much with Instagram.

nokia 3310 keyboard

3.You are frequently hiking or travelling. Someone who enjoys discovering the wilderness in the traditional way (compass and paper map included) doesn’t need a Maps app or a distracting Pokemon Go game. Instead, you need a phone with long battery life that can put you in contact with your host or allow you to place an emergency call. And if you do need to find directions, the 2.5G connectivity allows you to access the Internet through the Opera browser (even if it will move lazily). Plus, if you lose it, there’s no harm done since you haven’t spent all your savings on this phone.

4. Your kid wants a phone of his own. If your kid is not yet in high school, maybe a phone that’s useful but bound to get lost is a smart present. It will help him stay in touch with friends, call home if there’s trouble, listen to music on the radio or MP3 player (Nokia 3310 comes with 3.5mm headphone jack, microSD slot and withstands 51 hours of music playing). He won’t get bored and you won’t get pissed if he loses it. Plus, there’s a very small chance he’ll break the screen.

5. Your father has been rejecting the “smartphone era” but needs a phone to communicate with you. Don’t press the matter further and just make him happy with a phone that does what he needs it to do: calls, texts and plays Snake.

6. You need a burner phone. Working as an accountant during the day and catching bad guys after midnight? This is how you can lead a secret agent life without anyone knowing it (especially since there’s a new Nokia 3310 with dual SIM). Shh….


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