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Recording Calls On Android? Google Will Kill Those Apps on May 11

To better comply with privacy legislation in multiple parts of the world, Google will definitely kill call recording apps on Android.

Most of the apps lost functionality starting with Android 10 but, on May 11, more will follow suit.

Google will implement new Google Play Store policies that will stop third-party apps from recording calls. 

According to AndroidAuthority, Google will stop all third-party apps from tying into the Accessibility API which lets them get access to phone audio, something which will effectively kill all call recording apps.

The only survivors will be those phones who have native call recording capabilities – notably the Google Pixel phones and the Xiaomi phones with Mi Dialer.

Hundreds of call recorder apps will lose functionality so, if you have them on your phone, it’s probably best to uninstall them so they don’t take up unnecessary space.

Even on an iPhone, call recording is a hassle and you need some workarounds if you want to do it.

How to Record a Phone Call On iPhone? iPhone Tricks and Apps

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Recording Calls On Android? Google Will Kill Those Apps on May 11

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