Redmi Note 3 Mystery Glass Survives Hugo Barra’s Torture Test

You’ve bought a smartphone and hope to make it your long-life companion unless… you drop it. Then, bye-bye glass, right? Not exactly. More and more companies are using the latest advancements in display protection to keep your mobile out of harm’s way. In the case of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, a special, mystery glass was used instead of Corning’s Gorilla Glass. Risky move, some users said, but Hugo Barra did his best to show them otherwise in extreme durability test.

Screen durability is measured, explains Jai Mani in the video above, using the Vicker’s Hardness Test. The idea is to see how the screen reacts in contact with a dimond pyramid. While Corning Gorilla Glass 4 scores a Vickers Hardness Test DPH of 596 kgf/mm2, Redmi Note 3’s glass is in the range of 649 – 670 kgf/mm2! You can’t specify a single, general number in the second case, since the display comes from various suppliers.

test redmi1

That said, you have to watch the test until the end because the poor smartphone goes through a lot – from Hugo Barra stepping with its hoverboard on it to driving a car over it.

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