Remote-Controlled Robot Escapes Room To Spy On Its Owner

remote control robot spying

Giving up control is always a hard decision. When you take it lightly though, the consequences can be dire or at least, unexpected. Especially if there’s a robot involved. Double Robotics found out that exactly in the worst way possible #machinemagic

Double Robotics is the maker and owner of TelePresence Robot, a bot that looks like a Segway with an iPad attached. The tablet is the display of their bot and shows your face, while the camera transmits a live feed of its surroundings. If it reminds you of Sheldon’s creation in The Big Bang Theory… it’s because the bot has the same purpose and looks almost identical.

To show its potential, the company invited people to test drive it. Internet users jumped at the opportunity, only to find out that the robot wasn’t allowed to leave a bleak, empty conference room during the test.

That would have gone old pretty fast for most people trying it out… except this guy. He managed to help the robot escape its cage. An opportunity was everything he needed; once the user noticed someone had left the door to the room slightly open, he put his skills to use. The bot started ramming into the door frame, using its “leg” to push it open until… it could get out:

So what happened afterwards? Well, the bot was used to get a good view of the whole floor, being dangerously close on spying on its owner. I guess that’s the risk you expose yourself to when you let another human being control your creation.

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