Researchers Developed Chip That Could Be The Building Block Of A Quantum Computer


How could we speed up calculations beyond what we can imagine? By using quantum computers. Only, we had a long way before really capitalizing on their force. Now, there’s hardware for that. A team of researches built a versatile quantum chip that could be the building block of the one, powerful computational device. 

As opposed to normal computers, quantum ones use “qubits” that exist in 0, 1 and a superposition of both. This quirk makes them extra skillful at working on problems and finding solutions. Although the idea is not new by far, scientists couldn’t scale the technology so it would create a device that really raised the bar in matters of computational speed. They came close with the D-Wave quantum computer, but there were still some nonbelievers.


University of Maryland researchers think they have the means to finally, unequivocally build the ultimate computer. A five-qubit quantum chip was created and it seems it can scale. This means its creators could line up more of them and make the dream, reality. They’re encouraged by the fact that it has already started implementing first arbitrary quantum algorithms. That’s more than other computers can do, limited to a couple of tasks.


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