You Can Now Make A Reservation At The First Space Hotel

orion span aurora station

With the underwater houses in Dubai, it appears that space is the last frontier for the tourism industry. However, with commercial, extraterrestrial flights becoming more of a reality, the idea of travel and vacationing in space is no longer an outlandish idea. In fact, aviation and aerospace company Orion Span is already taking reservations for their private space station and space hotel Aurora Station. #tomorrowmagic

While planned to be in orbit in 2021 and host its first guests the following year, the Aurora Station promises a unique and literally out of this world experience. At an altitude of 200 miles, the station will orbit the planet once every one and a half hours. In the 12-day stay, guests will experience zero gravity and the sunrises and sunsets as astronauts see them. Although activities on board the station will be fairly limited in number and imagination, there will be opportunities to interact with astronauts and learn food cultivating practices designed for space’s harsh enviroment.

Unfortunately, in addition to two crew members, no more than four people can stay at the hotel at the same time. The cost of the stay is extremely exorbitant as well, coming in at $9.5 million per ticket with an $80,000 deposit upfront. Tickets are all-inclusive, meaning that you pay for the ride to the hotel and a three month astronaut training curriculum split between online courses and in-person sessions.

The future of travel and vacationing is on the horizon with the Aurora Station, but as it stands right now, it remains a luxury expense that most people cannot afford. In time, we’re hoping the price of these excursions drop to an affordable range, allowing any or all adventurers out to the final frontier.

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