RevolCam Offers Smartphone Lenses, Light And Mirror In One Package


There are so many smartphone lens kits right now that it’s almost a shame not to get one and experiment with phone photography more. You don’t even have to chase a certain kit, since most contain the same three pieces. Although, if you get the chance, you should take a look at RevolCam, a phone accessory that combines lenses with a selfie mirror and light #mobilemagic

RevolCam is the latest Kickstarter success. After being funded in less than five hours and surpassing 10 times its original funding goal, the all-in-one camera accessory for smartphones is going to production, hopefully shipping this November. But how did it gather everyone’s attention? Well, first of all it has a universal fit, matching not only iOS and Android phone cameras, but also laptops (as a webcam) or tablets. 

Secondly, it combines three cool lenses – a macro (20x magnification), fish-eye (160-degree view) and wide-angle lens (110-degree view) – with a detachable LED light and a small mirror. After you clip it on, you can adjust the brightness of the flash, switching between 230 levels.

The light is powered by batteries that can be recharged when necessary through a Micro USB port. Alternatively, you can use it for off-camera lighting. When doing that, the light is replaced by a mirror that’s gonna be helpful when you want to take quality selfies with the rear camera.

That said, RevolCam manages to be less than three inches at the largest point, weighing only 1.6 ounces. If that sounds about right for you, go check RevolCam on the project page here. You can grab one kit for $29.

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