Can You Solve A Rubik’s Cube? This Robot Does It In 0.38 Seconds

Watch and be amazed as this robot beats the world record for solving a Rubik’s CubeBlink and you’ll miss it, because the old record was an astonishingly quick 0.637 seconds. This robot can do it in an even faster 0.38 seconds!

The entire process lasts from the time the initial keypress is registered on a computer to when the last face is flipped – the motion time is 335 ms, while the rest is computation and image acquisition time.

This astounding robot was invented by Ben Katz and Jared Di Carlo, who won’t let their robot lose the world record anytime soon. They claim the Rubik’s Cube robot could work even faster, but it’s a time-consuming optimization process since any error would result in breaking the cube, as seen in the video below.

“For the time being, Jared and I have both lost interest in playing the tuning game, but we might come back to it eventually and shave off another 100 ms or so,” said Ben Katz on his blog. You can read more on how Katz and Di Carlo created their robot and accomplished this record here.

While not as quick as these robotic systems, humans too have tried to finish the Rubik’s Cube in ever quickening times. People who take on this challenge are called speedcubers and they can achieve some pretty amazing results as well.

Here’s a Rubik’s Cube solved in under 5 seconds, a world record back in 2015:


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