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HAL-9000 Replica Seems Straight Out Of The Movies

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey and it seems like people are already starting to commemorate the occasion. Dymszo created the HAL-9000 replica in the video above and wants to expands its capacities even further! #objectmagic

Based on the artificial intelligence antagonist, this HAL-9000 replica functions off of Amazon Echo technology. It also uses an Amazon Fire HD tablet for its screen, alongside lights, speakers, and microphones. 

In the demo above, the user asks a question and receives a reply with HAL-9000’s voice. Alexa is still functional when prompted, the voice being friendlier and less-threatening when he asks it for the weather. Right now, the replica only has lines from the film, but Dymszo wants to get Amazon’s approval to override Alexa’s voice HAL-9000’s, allowing for maximum immersion. 

There’s no telling if or when they’ll get that approval, but we do know when you’ll be able to have a replica of your own. The HAL-9000 Alexa replica will be available either via preorder or through Kickstarter sometime in April, while delivery will happen at the end of the summer.

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