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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 To Come Back With New Battery This June

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 refurbished

After the official investigation regarding their phablet ended and customers were assured the company would take extra precautions in the future, Samsung is said to give Galaxy Note 7 another try this summer #mobilemagic

According to The Korean Economic Daily, Samsung has found a way to overcome the issue that made the phablet catch fire and forced them to take it off the market. It seems that the next batch of Galaxy Note 7 is going to be equipped with fresh new batteries and completely refurbished. 

What does that mean, more precisely? Well, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is said to ship in emerging markets such as Vietnam and India with “3,000 to 3,200 mAh” batteries instead of the initial 3,500 mAh ones. This step back is one way to ensure safe usage and by doing that, turn over a new leaf.

Last year’s scandal didn’t just hurt Samsung’s ego; it cost them money. It’s no wonder they’re planning to cut their losses this time around, by not just launching a brand new smartphone with virtual assistant but also re-purposing the old one. Plus, in this way, it would avoid environmental penalties.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed the news but for those who had to give back their devices in the huge recall of 2016, this has to be a relief. To the others we say: keep your eyes on Samsung Galaxy S8! It won’t be unveiled at Mobile World Congress, but the suite of features, including Bixby the AI, is worth waiting for.

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