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Snapchat Spectacles, Available To Buy Online

Snapchat spectacles

Spectacles, Snapchat’s video-recording glasses, are now available to buy online #objectmagic

Last year, in November, Snap Inc.’ teased Spectacles went on sale. Everyone clicked frantically on their website only to find a yellow screen with an eye, no checkout buttons or items to choose from. What was happening? Snap Inc. had decided to experiment with their wearables a bit before selling them the traditional way (yes, e-commerce is slowly becoming the classic, traditional way of doing shopping).

The company employed Snapbots, vending machines filled with Spectacles, to sell them in locations disclosed with 24 hours before the sale, no sooner. Snapbots kept moving, switching one location for the other, increasing users’ eagerness to try one themselves.

After the hype wore down, Snap Inc. opened a pop-up store in New York City. This way, more Snapchat fans could taste their first wearable ever. Now, that shop is closed, Snapbots are nowhere to be seen (although the company says they will go back to work soon) so the only thing they can do to keep on selling Spectacles is to make the purchase easy-peasy. And so, Snap Inc. turned to online shopping. 

You can buy a pair of Spectacles for $129 now, from their official site.  Number of pairs purchased is still limited; a user can acquire up to six pairs. 

This sales won’t raise Snap Inc.’ annual revenue significantly but it’s going to help and that’s all the company needs at this moment, after it filed an IPO (initial public offering, a process through which the general public is offered the opportunity to buy stock).

If you’re new to Snap Inc.’ wearable device, you should know Spectacles are all about recording short videos (10 seconds at most) on the go from your POV. The final clip will look circular since the glasses use a 115-degree lens. More about them, here.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ralph Marinaccio

    March 17, 2017 at 2:41 am

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