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Samsung AR Glasses: The ONE Thing I Like

AR sunglasses?! That’s gonna be lit! Or should I say Lite? In case you haven’t heard, that’s the name Samsung is gonna call their first-ever smart glasses.

The Glasses Lite videos that just leaked show a Spectacles-inspired design, but a bit bulkier than I’d expect.

Function-wise, there’s nothing out of the box; imagine carrying a TV wherever you go, right in front of your eyes, and you get Samsung’s AR glasses. 

Watching movies, video calling… all of that is in the cards. Honestly, the only thing that caught my eye about the Glasses Lite was the tintable lenses which go dark in sunlight. And, if I’m being generous, the way Samsung has connected the glasses to Samsung smartwatches. 

Connecting all your devices, especially wearables, is a no-brainer. So, kudos Samsung, but there’s no award for you yet!

In the second leaked clip, titled Next Wearable Computing, we can see the benefits of glasses for work tasks. Imagine playing with architectural renders, from afar or up close, and video plus holographic calls.

If you ask me, it seems like Samsung is pushing these glasses in an obvious attempt to not lose ground in front of Apple and Facebook. They don’t have a clear USP, so they threw in some pretty graphics.

That’s fine, if they manage to launch them before the others do. By others, I mean Apple and Facebook. Oh yeah, Facebook’s got quite an army working on this – more in the video above!

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