Apple VR Headset: Should You Get It?

Apple’s VR headset will sell. But will it be any good?

That’s not an easy answer to give. While it’s true that Apple wants to lure you in and see that cash coming in sooner rather than later, I believe they’ll never let that get the better of them.

Therefore, it’s extremely likely that we’ll count on a top notch VR headset from Apple at launch, which will probably take place next year. Name? No idea! They could go with something generic, like Apple Headset, or put that famous “i” in play.

In the end, the design is gonna matter more to us than the name, of course. Apple will have to pack all the tech needed in a headset that’s sleeker, and less bulky than the models currently on the market like Oculus, HTC, PS VR.

Rumor is Apple will use a mesh fabric like the one for the AirPods Max in order to take some weight off. They will also ditch the extra space headsets usually reserved for folks wearing prescription glasses.

Does that mean Apple’s VR headset won’t work with prescription glasses? Not at all! That’s because Apple found a workaround. It seems like they’re exploring a way to insert custom prescription lenses in the headset itself. Since it’s quite tricky and could need approvals in some markets, we’ll have to wait to see how it pans out.

We could also see some swappable bands, like the ones available for Apple Watches, which aren’t going to make a difference in weight or size but might make some models more comfortable than others. 

As for the actual tech… brace yourselves: 8K is coming! Twice!

The headset will have dual 8K displays for eye tracking. With these babies on, only parts of the graphics will be rendered in high resolution, the parts you’re actively looking at. 

That’s a smart move, one that will save precious power but it’s not Apple’s idea. In fact, we’ve seen it before; HTC Vive Pro was one of the headsets that employed that technology.

How about power and battery life? Price and availability? Find the answers to those questions in the video above!

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