Samsung Caught Passing Off DSLR Photo As Bokeh Demo Supposedly from the Galaxy A8

samsung dslr camera passed off as bokeh

Samsung is facing some pretty bad publicity these days. The company got caught passing off a photo taken using a DSLR camera as being taken with a Samsung smartphone camera in “Portrait Mode.”

Dunja Djudjic, a Serbian photographer, took to to accuse Samsung of using her professionally shot DLSR photo to “fake their phone’s Portrait Mode”.

Ms. Djudjic starts her piece by pointing out that Samsung was caught earlier in the year using stock photography to show off the Galaxy A8 camera. Then, she reveals that they did it again using her self-portrait.

After posting her DSLR photo on a stock photography website, she was alerted that the photo in question was bought by someone and went to do a reverse image search on Google to see where it showed up.

The result?

Her photo was digitally altered, with the background changed, and used on Samsung Malaysia’s website as a camera sample showing the Samsung Galaxy Star bokeh effect. You can see the altered photo above and Ms. Djudjic’s original image below.

samsung dslr camera passed off as bokeh 1

The photographer claims she tried to reach out to Samsung to point out that, while they did probably purchase her photo legally, they’re using it to engage in false advertising. Her post quickly went viral on most news outlets and climbed to the top of the Android subreddit.

Samsung has not released a response to this latest accusation, though one commenter pointed out that the Samsung page with the photo in question was updated.

Under the photo in question now floats an *Images simulated for demo purposes” message.

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