Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Will Be A Pleasure to Charge

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With wireless charging and fast charging protocols, smartphones have come a long way. Going to 100% can take minutes instead of hours and the technology is only evolving from this point on. In fact, this August, we might get our first shot at a phone worthy of the Flash, meaning incredibly fast to charge. We’re talking about Galaxy Note 20, of course.

It seems that Samsung is one of few (besides Apple, Huawei and Oppo) working on replacing standard silicon with gallium nitride in their chargers. GaN is the future of mobile charging, although as you can imagine at the moment it’s quite expensive to implement. With GaN aboard, phone chargers will be smaller and more efficient, capable of powering not just one but multiple devices.

Believe it or not, Xiaomi is the leading name in this area. The company has already manufactured a 50W GaN charger for Mi 10 Pro, allowing it to replenish a 4,500mAh battery in 45 minutes! By comparison, iPhone 11 Pro is still stuck at charging at 18W, while Samsung’s current phones offer a default 25W.

This is definitely the direction most mobile makers will follow, and Samsung might be one of the first tech titans to do so this summer. After all, doesn’t it seem that Chinese companies may be the ones pushing the envelope, but it’s only after tech giants coming from South Korea or Cupertino follow through, that the innovation picks up steam?

Until this summer, when Samsung will or will not confirm these rumors with the Note 20, you can always explore the Mi 10 Pro. The phone sold like hot cakes, bringing Xiaomi about US$28.5 million worth of units in under a minute. Or, if you’re a Samsung user, go for the S20 Ultra, the only Samsung phone with 45W charging.

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