Samsung Refers to Apple’s “Batterygate” and Notch in Recent Ad

Samsung new ad targets Apple’s iPhone, trying to convince customers of the benefits of switching to a Samsung Galaxy S9. The video ad, “Moving On,” follows the company’s “Growing Up” ad campaign in that both use the Galaxy’s unique features and iPhone’s recent controversies to send its message.

The ad follows a woman who makes a long distance trip. The trip is made difficult thanks to her phone’s slowed performance, it’s seeming lack of water resistance, and her inability to fix the phone without upgrading. Additionally, her phone’s performance is constantly juxtaposed with that of the Galaxy S9’s.

The phone (an iPhone 6, by the way) slowly opens the iBooks app when she wants to load the QR boarding code. Then, in the plane, she has trouble opening the TV app while a Galaxy S9 Plus owner sitting next to her is happily watching Justice League on the phone’s larger 6.2-inch display.

Eventually, the woman goes to an Apple store and tries to have her phone fixed and much to her dismay, she is told that her only options are dealing with unexpected shutdowns or upgrading. She instead walks out, noticing the man with a notch haircut (also seen in “Growing Up”) with his notch-haircut son, and orders herself a Galaxy S9.

While these ads seem targeted, the data speeds reported by mobile data speed experts Ookla support the claims made in the ad. The Galaxy S9 offers download speeds that are 42 percent faster than the iPhone X and iPhone 8 range. The Galaxy is also capable of downloading a full length movie in about five minutes while iPhones take around 7 minutes.

If you want more stats, Samsung has made them all available on their official blog.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Oliver

    May 23, 2018 at 10:37 pm

    Samsung must have forgotten that few years ago it batteries literally exploded and you couldn’t board on a plane turned it on.

    So…. now they’re the boss? Most of Samsung’s functions are copied from iPhone. What’s the deal?

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