Samsung Sets Up One-Time Fee To Fix The Galaxy Fold Screen

Samsung Sets Up One-Time Fee To Fix The Galaxy Fold Screen


Screen repairs are not fun for any of those involved: they’re a lot of hassle and they’re also quite expensive to perform, especially in the case of devices with curved screens. As far as foldable devices go, well, we can expect prices just as high. But a once-off offer might help out some Samsung Galaxy Fold users in such a situation. 

Because Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is a new product to the market and also because its screen has been proven to be notoriously delicate, the company decided to introduce a special offer to the buyers. when you purchase a Galaxy Fold, you’ll find a leaflet inside the box that states the users have the right to one out-of-warranty screen repair at $149. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold Performs Durability Test As Well As You’d Expect

Those of you who don’t own a Samsung phone or haven’t cracked up the screen of one, might be surprised to find out that the price is actually less for the screen repairs of the Galaxy 10S series, which currently stands at $269. The Galaxy S10e’s screen on the other hand will cost $199 to fix. 

However, we can expect an out-of-warranty screen repair for the Galaxy Fold to be quite pricey. The company still has not confirmed how much it will cost but if you do own a Galaxy Fold, it’s best you just make it a rule to be gentle with the screen. 

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