Samsung Still Working on Display Issue, Asks Customers If They Want To Keep Their Order

samsung galaxy fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has had some pretty rough few weeks – the company had to pull back its foldable smartphones after a few reviewers have noticed some serious display issues and, in the meantime, Royole’s FlexPai became the first foldable phone to be made available commercially.

At long last, the South Korean company released an update on how their phones are doing via an email it sent to pre-order customers that stated it was “making progress in enhancing” the device.

In the email, Samsung went on to explain that, as the investigation is still ongoing, they cannot confirm an anticipated ship date just yet. The email also contains a button that the customers can tap if they want to keep their pre-order and mentions that, if the company does do not hear from them by May 31st, their order will be cancelled automatically.

That leaves the users with about four weeks to decide if they still want the device or not and the update is a welcome addition, especially since Samsung seems willing to work hard on fixing its mistakes and respects its users enough to offer them a refund before they ask for one themselves.

Hopefully, the improved Galaxy Fold will soon finds its own place back on the foldable smartphone market.

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