Samsung Z Flip 3 Could Be the Prettiest and Cheapest Foldable Of the Year

Believe me, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is going to be the most pretties foldable/ flip phone of the year! And the cheapest, it seems.

What do you need to know? For one, the Z Flip 3 will keep the core features that made so many of you love the Flip series while going through a redesign. We’re going to have on our hands a foldable phone that’s crease-free, almost bezel-free and a joy to open.

Samsung has pushed back the curves of the Z Flip series to the point where this year’s phone will feel sleeker, no bulk in sight. The hinge will be almost unnoticeable when fully opened. Plus, the bezels will be obviously thinner. The Z Flip 3 will go from a 4.8mm chin to a 3.88mm one. If you saw and liked the recent Galaxy Tabs, you are going to love the vibe of this smartphone.

All of that is going to happen without sacrificing display, of course. You’ll still be able to rely on a 6.7-inch inner screen. The cover display, however, is going to get BIG. I’m talking about expanding it from 1.1-inches to 1.83-inches; this time around, you are going to be able to read that text message in full!

By the way, the exterior of the phone will be covered in a matte finish glass that is more durable than ever before. And Samsung hasn’t stopped here; it added dust and splash protection, as well as an Armored Frame.

Going back to this pretty phone, newsflash: it’s gonna be quite colorful. Samsung took a leaf out of Google’s book and opted for a dual tone design. How does that work? Well, all phones will have in common a black glass that keeps together the display and the rear cameras, while the rest will be painted in one of several colors.

What’s gonna be under the hood? You’ll likely have to work with a Snapdragon 870 chip since the 888 might be reserved for the Z Fold 3. Also, Samsung might bump up the RAM to 12GB. The storage is gonna cap at 256GB, most likely. 

Don’t expect a huge battery or extraordinary fast charging, however. Check out the battery cell we’re expecting this smartphone to ship with in the video above!

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