Samsung’s New Batman Phone Lets You Text With One Hand, Throw A Real Batarang With The Other

While Apple strives to give us minimalist handsets, with metallic touches for a lux, yet understated feel, Samsung is an indulger. The Korean giant is always trying to tap into our unexplored potential and child fantasies. It’s no wonder then, that this summer, Samsung is keen on making us feel like superheroes with a handset worthy of Bruce Wayne #mobilemagic

Galaxy S7 Edge has received a special Injustice Edition, inspired by Batman and produced in partnership with Warner Bros. The Dark Knight is present from design to interface to VR headset! The whole set contains the black smartphone with gold bat logo on the back, a gold-plated Batarang and a rubber phone case that mimics the hero’s armor. While the rubber case looks a bit disappointing to us, we can appreciate the golden accessories and of course, the Gear VR headset where the device sits comfortably.

As much as you’ll want to be among the firsts to grab the limited edition, you might have to wait a bit longer if you don’t live in China, Singapore, Korea, Latin America, Russia or other select territories, where it launches in early June.

And remember: if you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, if you take the lead, you become something else entirely: a legend.

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