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SanDisk Shows Off World’s Smallest 1TB USB-C Stick

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It’s easy to miss the small stuff, between car launches, cool robots and 146-inch TVs! But, once again, CES proved us that less is more. At the Las Vegas event, SanDisk introduced the world’s smallest 1TB USB-C stick #hardwaremagic

Granted, Kingston is still the king when it comes to compressing huge amounts of storage in a small package. Last year, they’ve managed to “shove” 2 TB of storage space in a chunky stick (now known as the 2TB Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT). By comparison, the SanDisk 1Tb flash drive is slimmer and smaller, which makes it easy to carry and… to lose, if we’re being frank.

Thankfully, we’re talking about a USB Type-C stick here, so it’s compatible with Android devices (from smartphones to tablets). It can also fit iPhones and iPads if you have the It’s also much better in terms of data speeds than the USB 3.0.

That said, you can’t purchase it any time soon. The drive is a working prototype with no launch data or price in sight. If you ask us, when it will hit stores, it’s going to cost a small fortune. The Kingston 2TB stick sells for more than $1,400 right now. So, you can count on a couple of hundred dollars price tag.

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