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Apple Will Give Up Lightning Ports Sooner Than You Think

Once Apple commits to an idea, rarely does it change its mind. Case in point: the Lightning port connector. Yet, a credible industry analyst believes that’s about to end… sooner than you think.

Company analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple is about to make a major change to its devices, by giving up the proprietary Lightning port once and for all.

What would replace it? The USB-C format, of course. And we wouldn’t have to wait much longer for this switch as apparently Apple is considering it for 2023.

If it happens, the adoption of USB-C would make data transfer and charging faster, as long as it’s supported by iOS.

The prediction makes sense considering a big part of the industry is adopting USB-C nowadays and Apple itself has reluctantly added USB-C ports to its iPads and compatible Thunderbolt ones on Macs.

This move would also make sense in the context of the EU’s pressure to reduce e-waste by making manufacturers go with USB-C for all their smartphones and consumer electronics.

But making the switch would mean giving up on the Made for ‌iPhone‌ (MFi) program, Apple’s licensing program for iOS device accessories and technologies that are manufactured by third-party companies. That in itself would bring some unforeseen consequences to their business model.

There’s Now an USB-C iPhone

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Apple Will Give Up Lightning Ports Sooner Than You Think
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