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Seeing Reason? Apple to Switch from Lightning to USB-C

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We know – it’s not the first time Apple is rumored to abandon Lightning for USB-C. Last year, the Wall Street Journal was sure that iPhone 8 would make the change and yet, nothing happened. This time, another publication comes with a similar report, which just might mean that the company is ready to see reason.

Digitimes said that next year’s iPhones will finally be redesigned to fit a USB Type C port at the bottom, instead of the proprietary Lightning.  If this happens, it will put an end to the seven years of struggle iPhone owners have gone through, buying dongles every other day. The first Lightning port showed up on iPhone 5, in 2012.

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Why do we think Apple is close to taking this decision? On one hand, their devices are following the wireless path, so there will be hardly a need for cables anymore, especially with AirPower in the mix. On the other hand, USB-C is becoming an industry standard, which makes it likely for Apple to give in and let their users buy accessories outside their ecosystem.

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Plus, the company’s Mac computers have already jumped the gun and went for USB-C, so it would be no surprise if the iPhones will follow their footsteps.

We’ll see what happens this year, as we get closer to fall, when the big Apple launches take place.

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