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Scenes Lifelike 3D Earbuds Record 3D Audio Instantly

lifelike scenes 3D

It’s one thing to see a movie with immersive sound, be it at the cinema or right at home, thanks to top-notch speakers and audio technology like DTS:X. It’s another thing to capture 3D audio yourself and use it to create content on the go, no app required. There simply haven’t been easy solutions to accomplish the second goal, until Scenes turned up. The startup has created Lifelike, a 3D pair of earbuds that captures 3D sound #objectmagic

Scenes has piqued our interest during CES Asia. There, the startup first showed off their 3D audio-capturing headphones, an accessory we could all relate too, although it did something pretty unheard of. See, Lifelike 3D hedphones captures three-dimensional audio directly to an iPhone. Without the need of an app, it records audio as humans perceive it and adds it to any kind of video you’re shooting with your mobile phone.

In order to do that, the engineers have embedded an omnidirectional microphone in each earbud. One of them is capable of recording 180-degree of sound, only to make it a 360-degree experience in the end. “It captures how the sound moves, where it comes from, and how the surrounding environment changes the sound with reflection, refraction, diffraction and other sound variations. When you use the headphones to play back your recording, you can easily pinpoint the variation of sound”, Scenes explains on their Indiegogo page campaign. 

Unfortunately, the headphones work only with iPhone and iPad for now (as far as smartphones go). But you can always choose to go with a USB-based PC audio adapter, if you’re interested in capturing 3D sound at home.

As far as shipping goes, you’re going to have to wait for a while. Production is bound to begin at the end of this month, so Lifelike should be released in December. If that doesn’t deter you, then get a pair at $79 now and a PC adapter for $39. 

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