This Screaming Roomba Is the Best Appliance You Can't Own (Yet)
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This Screaming Roomba Is the Best Appliance You Can’t Own (Yet)

The Roomba Screams When it Bumps Into Stuff 1-15 screenshot

Youtuber Michael Reeves listened to his watchers and made an appliance that few knew they wanted but that could catapult the Roomba into most homes.

Reeves used a Raspberry Pi to hack a Roomba and make it scream and curse whenever it bumps into things.

While his hack is not very sophisticated, it’s impossible not to crack up everytime the Roomba hits a corner or a shelf.

Reeves also added voice clips from Youtubers like iDubbz and maxmoefoePokemon, so his Roomba That Screams gathered more than 2 million views in 24 hours.

Now, he’ll hopefully consider posting a tutorial for making yelling Roombas or at least making a Kickstarter.

His invention is something that could make chores a whole lot tedious!

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