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Screens Will Never Be The Same With China’s First-Ever Graphene Electronic Paper


Thin, foldable, even shatterproof screens are made possible by China’s latest discovery in the field of screens and displays: graphene electronic paper. One company thinks they will start producing it by the end of the year #hardwaremagic

The material developed by Guangzhou OED Technologies is just 0.335 nanometers thick and will revolutionize optical displays of e-readers and wearables. Graphene conducts heat and electricity, so it can even enhance brightness on optical displays, besides making them stretchable and hard to crack (goodbye YouTube crash tests!). This material is 150 times stronger than steel.

Since graphene is basically a thin layer of carbon, the material is cost-effective too, and Chinese think they will put it into production one year from now.

If that didn’t brighten up your week, I don’t know what will…

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