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See How Your Favorite Movies Look In Long-Exposure Photos

  • the shining long exposure
  • the shining long exposure

The only reason you would take a photograph of a movie scene would be to look more closely at a detail, to capture a character’s line or to show to your friends some sort of mistake the director made. Right? Well, photographer Jason Shulman showed us you can make a whole photo series starting from movies #fotomagic

In 2014, during the Winter Olympics, Shulman had the idea to take long exposures of athletes from behind his TV, as he couldn’t attend the event. Most of the scenes recorded were brief but they made him think of the limits he could push through this process. Soon enough, he started experimenting with long footage, before breaking into an entire series called “Photographs of Film”.

He summarised Yellow Submarine in a blurry, abstract picture of purple, blue and green. The Shining retained Jack Nicholson’s contour peering through doors. By far, the most clear picture is of Georges Méliès’s Voyage de la Lune, because cameras didn’t move as much at the beginning of the 20th century. Reluctant to reveal the trick of the trade, Shulman just mentioned that he used a  “very, very high resolution monitor with a very big camera.”

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