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See What’s Like To Be A Cheetah, Through The “Eyes” Of A Mounted GoPro

Everyone knows Walter. The dog that goes through anything and over everything to get to the ocean and cool off. It was one of GoPro’s coolest achievements, the clip reaching 1.3 million views on YouTube. But have you heard about Savannah? This cheetah is about to raise the stakes as GoPro is “following” her during her daily routine #actionmagic

The Cincinnati Zoo published a video where an adult cheetah, called Savannah, allows a harness with a GoPro on her, before running away at full speed. As you might not expect, the cheetah is very well-behaved, mostly because it was raised by humans since it was little so it learned to trust them – even with an action camera: “We put it on Savannah and she could really care less,” said Alicia Sampson of the cat ambassador program at the zoo.

The image is extremely shaky, but it’s amazing to see how every muscle on Savannah’s body is hard at work, while her head is fairly still and focused. You wouldn’t dare to race her in an unconfined space….

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