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This Photographer’s Shoots Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat

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  • eggs-photography

A good action movie or really great horror keeps you 100% focused on the images and the feelings. That sense of anticipation and rush of adrenaline, similar to the one you experience as you push the pedal on an open, countryside road, is the main reason you go to see them. Outside those moments though, and those places, life throws merely surprises on your way, not real thrills. Even so, photographer Aaron Tilley accepted the challenge to make simple, static images instill the same feelings #fotomagic

Tilley clicked the shutter button moments before small-sized disasters happened in order to make a collection called “In anxious anticipation“. With the help of director Kyle Bean, the photographer succeeded in keeping viewers glued to his images, hearts racing, blood pumping. Although the danger is iminent, the objects involved are fairly simple and harmless: a bowling bowl heading towards a bubble wrap sheet, bricks falling like dominos in the direction of a glass of champagne or eggs, caught in mid-air, before they reach a piece of marble.

Viewers instinctively know what it’s supposed to happen; they know the sounds those objects will make, the mess ink will do to a white shirt once it reaches it and thus, their anticipation rises. But, unlike a GIF, these JPEGs only leave you waiting…


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