Sephora App Enables You To Try Make-up In AR, At Home

sephora virtual artist modiface

Sephora is finally taking full advantage of the technology at their disposal. The company’s latest app update lets users try purchasable make-up products and see how they look on their faces #realitymagic

The beauty shop giant went one step further to engage online users with their offline products. The “Sephora Virtual Artist” is an iOS app update, developed with help from AR company ModiFace (successful developer of several smartphone apps that let you retouch your selfies, test hairstyles, make-up looks, etc.).  The Sephora mobile app can now detect your face (lips, eyes) and apply make-up products from their shop with a single touch.

It’s nothing you haven’t seen yet. That said, Sephora’s advantage over competition isn’t the element of surprise but the huge network and recognition they enjoy. Sure, there is a number of different apps that help you apply colors on your cheeks, lips and eyelids, but most of them can’t suggest a beauty product that does the same thing in real life.

Sephora’s virtual artist, though, can put an online order for users on the spot. Plus, a bunch of virtual tutorials from their make-up artists come with the update. Those show exactly what are the parts of your face you should contour and highlight, instead of confusing you with charts and pictures. The overlaid tutorials should help users have a more realistic view of how a make-up look will look on them.

Even so, Sephora’s late implementation of an AR feature like the one described means it will likely go well with its steady base of customers and attract a low percent of new users.

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