Singapore Airlines Uses Blockchain for Loyalty Program

singapore airlines blockchain loyalty program2

Even though cryptocurrencies and the blockchain tech have been major buzzwords for the past few years, so far we haven’t seen too many projects with actual impact on day to day life (well, maybe Cryptokitties). However, that’s about to change, as the Singapore Airlines blockchain-based loyalty program will kick off very soon.

Developed in partnership with Microsoft and KPMG, the KrisPay digital wallet lets people convert they travel miles into payment at Singapore Airlines Payment.

In essence, frequent flyer miles will turn into actual money, as far as clients are concerned.

“The innovative platform will allow members to choose from using as little as 15 KrisPay miles (equivalent to about S$0.10) to pay for their purchases at partner merchants, either partially or in full.

For a start, KrisPay miles will be accepted at 18 merchants spanning different categories of beauty services, food, and beverage, petrol, and retail,” explains Singapore Airlines.

Now, if those goods or services would also be integrated with IBM’s own blockchain project, we could be seeing something crypto-related that really catches the eye of the average Joe who’s only focused on Bitcoin’s price.

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