Singapore Airlines Has Turned an A380 Plane Into a Pop Up Restaurant

Singapore Airlines Has Turned an A380 Plane Into a Pop Up Restaurant

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The company is turning two of its Airbus A380 planes parked at Changi Airport into restaurants, and the double-decker plane will be welcoming for diners at Changi airport for two days in October – October 24th and 25th. 

By turning the planes intro impromptu restaurants, Singapore Airlines is providing passengers with an extra opportunity to relive the air travel experience because people miss flights and the whole flying experience that has been suppressed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Bloomberg, in order to respect social distancing, approximately half the planes’ seats will be destined for dining, and the company is selling four types of meals from about $474, right down to an economic experience of $39.

Image: Singapore Airlines

There will a special menu curated for each cabin, and the exact menus (along with prices) are about to be revealed in no time. The menu will also include two complimentary alcoholic beverages and unlimited nonalcoholic drinks.

Reservations are open today and meal options will include signature international Singapore Airlines dishes, and “the best dishes from our Peranakan menu, specially designed by acclaimed Singaporean chef Shermay Lee.” 

All participants also perform a digital questionnaire to verify they haven’t been in close contact with anyone who has contracted COVID-19.

Moreover, guests will be able to watch a movie or TV show while dinning and will receive a limited edition keepsake souvenir when leaving.

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