The New Nubia Wraparound Smartwatch With Flexible Display Is Only $219
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The New Nubia Wraparound Smartwatch With Flexible Display Is Only $219


The new Nubia Smartwatch, the successor of the Nubia Alpha, is officially available for the global market for only $219 US.

The new device from Nubia looks to bring an air of sophistication and futurism in the smartwatch industry, with a classy 4.1 inch AMOLED flexible display.

The new Nubia Smartwatch looks to differentiate itself from other smartwatches. It also packs all the functions a top-of-the-line smartwatch should have.

The wraparound Nubia smartwatch offers a polished glass display with a changeable silicone band that also ensures a skin-friendly wear experience.

Starting with the ultra-large 4.01” AMOLED display of this wraparound smartwatch, the manufacturer implemented a few new tricks in this iteration. The Nubia Watch not only can show high-res clear and polished images but also uses a new type of interaction – pinch the screen with two fingers to turn off the screen.

These are only a few quality of life improvements that Nubia implemented in this smartwatch.

From the call and notifications via Bluetooth when you want to go hands-free, too the Nubia Wear app that automatically syncs and displays your health and fitness data. The smartwatch also allows the user to customize the Nubia Watch with different watch faces, as the AI smartwatch is 100 percent customizable.

You can also choose from several different watch face themes to fit with your style and personal preferences. The most astonishing fact is that you can even create dynamic scrolling text animations along with other various animation effects to personalize your screen.

And the surprises do not stop here. This wraparound watch offers a longer battery life, up to 6.5 days of battery life in saving mode, and 36 hours of daily usage between charges.

You get all the usual accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure sensor, heart-rate sensor and, geomagnetic sensor – and access to the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android.

The Nubia Smartwatch seems to have it all.

A flexible futuristic display, a durable and scratch-resistant case, a fitness tracker, a real-time heart rate monitor, a personal assistant, and, last but not least, interchangeable straps.

What more can you ask for at this price point?

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